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Re: Voodoo

 >> I am living in Finland and I am interested about USA criminal law
 >> and adventures?  What are sentences about cannibalism? If there is a
 >> cult that do sacrifices and practices ritual cannibalism, what are
 >> sentences and what sort of treatment they do got?
 >Depends.  If you go out an *murder* people to eat, they're murderers
 >and treated as such.
 >If they eat people who died naturally, and those people beleive that
 >they should be eaten, well, that gets trickier.
 >First, you have health codes. . . 
 >The local law enforcement would probably be real uptight about the
 >situation, but may not be able to actually find a charge.  However,
 >I'm sure that there might be a petition to *pass* a law prohibiting
 I would guess that there are also laws about "improper conduct with
 bodies" or some such (at least there are in Denmark). These are
 used in cases of necrophilia, defilation of bodies etc.
 >If the law was passed, there would be a Constitutionality challenge,
 >based on freedom of religion.
 >> Also, if there is a cult that do animal sacrifices and puts skulls
 >> of sacrified dogs and cows in sticks front of their center, what law
 >> says in USA?  If this cult just do collects old bones and skulls and
 >> puts them all around their chiefs household and front yard, is there
 >> anything that police can do against them?
 >Health codes again.
 But if they're just a bit careful, it should be easy to get around
 those. Unless they actually have rotting carcasses lying around, I don't
 think they could be touched. After all, many people have stuffed
 animals and animal skulls on display.
 >Actually, in Florida a few years ago, there was a case in which a
 >local Voudoun church practiced animal sacrifices, and there was a
 >legal challange, based on health codes.  They argued freedom of
 >religion, and won, I believe.
 >	- Ian
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