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Re: War and healing

Hi Mike,

You sitting comfortably?  This may take some time, so go get
yourself a snack or something to munch on....  You have been
warned....!! (Written in a bit of a hurry, so please excuse any

I'm currently in my final year (BSc Joint Psychology/Social
Anthropology) and hence just starting down this particular route. I'll
try and answer all of your queries as best I can.  Those I can't deal
with at the moment will have to wait till I get further down the road,
like PhD level...!

>Q2) I would agree with you that any casework system that requires
>torture victims to run a gauntlet of checkpoints -- at any one of which
>they might be tortured again -- in order to receive treatment for
>torture trauma is unsupportable and ought to be changed.  Have you been
>able to piece together how such a system evolved?

Through necessity and the absence of any form of psychological
intervention in the Island.  Psychology as a discipline was only
recently introduced (late 1980's I think).  There are 30 psychiatrists
and 3 psychologists in the country, full stop.  And most of THEM are
based in the major cities. In the Eastern war zone, where large areas
are controlled by the LTTE (Tamil separatists),the health infrastructure
collapsed in 1989-90, when 80% of the population was displaced.  All
those who could have served as spokespersons and peace advocates (i.e.
doctors, lawyers, teachers etc) left in a mass exodus. Violence was
intensifying and militant groups were beginning extortion practices.
What used to be the law courts is now the Brigadier s headquarters (the
Third Brigade, that began its de facto military rule in 1990).  Even
where there IS some sort of health infrastructure operating, there is no
referral system as far as 'mental health' issues are concerned.  I only
came across one Psychiatrist who is attempting to integrate local
customs and Western psychiatric/psychological theories. (see below for

>...in the current context due to bureaucratic inertia

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't 'inertia' a word that implies uniform
motion in a straight line...?!

>"funders overseas"

The problem is that in a vast majority of cases, it is the organisations
funded from overseas, that go looking for those traumatised by war, not
the other way round.  There is no government funding (that I know of) at
present.  As far as psychological interventions... All the awareness
programmes and training sessions, aimed at doctors and nurses trained in
the  Western  style, will have little impact if the Sinhalese patients

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