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Re: "Modern fighting systems" (was Brazilian jiu jitsu claims)

>  Most traditionalists close their minds to the fact that times have
> changed, and that their art must change accordingly ... 

You mean they haven't?  I have never seen a makiwara outside of some 
books, but i have done plenty of training on air shields and focus pads, 
and that's in a TRADITIONAL karate class!

> ... Let's take kata
> training as an example ... 

As if you _really_ know anything about them.

> ... What can anyone use a kata for? They  have no
> physical fitness value, for an exercise to have any physical fitness value
> it must overload a muscle, which katas certainly don't do ... 

You never heard of Sanchin.  :)  And regualr katas will if you tesne your 
shoulders too much.

> ... besides they
> provide no cardiovascular benefits because to have it they must bring ones
> heart rate to a minimum of 70% above the resting rate, which they certainly
> do not.

You must be a world class athelete, then, because I have been using kata 
for cardiovascular trainining for four years now!  The trick is to find a 
pace where you end up in the proper trainining range.  For me, that has 
alweays been a bit less than full-speed/full-power.  And yes, this refers 
to doing a series of kataa without stopping in between for longer tha a 
few seconds.


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