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Re: Healing your body with HYPNOSIS

Dear friends...

As a psychologist I want to warn you about the stuff bellow. Hypnosis is
dangerous if used by anyone, except by expertises. Even Freud abandomned
hypnosis as a treatment because he realized that the symptoms of hysteria
used to desapear but re-apear with other manifestation (Ana O. case).

Hypnosis is dangerous by other points of view: first because you'll
access the unconscious directly and some contenents which should be
properly solved by a psychoanalisys can awake. Without a right support
the effects could be disastrous. In second, during hypnosis, the person
is completely under the control of someone else and human nature is
something... as you know. First the ethical support of this person must
be VERY WELL explored.

Love in light, Globalfriends.

Ana Cris (I am graduated in Psychology too - Jungian psychoanalyst by
Brazilian Society of Jungian Psychotherapy).

On Tue, 13 May 1997, Kevin Grold wrote:

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