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Re: Healing your body with HYPNOSIS

I agree.  My sister is seeing a therapist who is using some hypnotherapy,
and the doc has all sorts of warnings about it, and requires my sis to
understand the risks, etc.  For her, it is quite beneficial, as she has a
large (like about 12 year) empty spot where her childhood should be, and
this is the way she is bringing it back.  (Both bad and good).  But I was
extremely concerned about it until she told me how careful her therapist
is to warn her about not doing this except in a very safe, protected
environment.  Thank you for the reminder though, Ana Cristina - hypnosis
can be dangerous stuff.


On Mon, 19 May 1997, Ana Cristina de Sa wrote:

> Dear friends...
> As a psychologist I want to warn you about the stuff bellow. Hypnosis is
> dangerous if used by anyone, except by expertises. Even Freud abandomned
> hypnosis as a treatment because he realized that the symptoms of hysteria
> used to desapear but re-apear with other manifestation (Ana O. case).
> Hypnosis is dangerous by other points of view: first because you'll
> access the unconscious directly and some contenents which should be
> properly solved by a psychoanalisys can awake. Without a right support
> the effects could be disastrous. In second, during hypnosis, the person
> is completely under the control of someone else and human nature is
> something... as you know. First the ethical support of this person must
> be VERY WELL explored.
> Love in light, Globalfriends.
> Ana Cris (I am graduated in Psychology too - Jungian psychoanalyst by
> Brazilian Society of Jungian Psychotherapy).
> On Tue, 13 May 1997, Kevin Grold wrote:
> > What if you could tap into...
> >
> > the most powerful healing tool known to exist?--YOUR MIND!
> >
> > What if you could be healthier and heal yourself faster with less side
> > effects?
> >
> > Develop new hope for healing and positive change where you may have
> > previously given up or decided that you can never get any better. The most
> > powerful tool for reprogramming your mind is HYPNOSIS--the most powerful
> > healing tool is your mind--these two have been combined to create
> > HYPNOHEALING.  With HYPNOHEALING, you can also create a stronger immunity
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> >

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