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Re: Indiana hypnosis legislation

Hi Terry,
One of my business partners sent me this article.
What the brilliant Mr. Meeks neglected to note was that you can get ANY
degree for that same $25. He has an axe to grind and it is falling on
hypnotherapists. Thank god he isn't interested in criminals like
murderers and rapists...

Kevin Hogan
Author: The Psychology of Persuasion

In <337f20c7.35316@news.sprynet.com> DragonMage@sprynet.com (Terry
O'Brien) writes: 
>I found this in the local newspaper this morning. It was part of the
>Sunday "Political Notebook" column by Richelle Thompson and Lesley
>Stedman of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. The section is entitled
>"Mesmerizing law".
>"Robert Meeks isn't a doctor, but he plays one in the Indiana Senate,
>according to Governing Magazine.
>"In recognition of his advanced degree in hypnosis, the senator
>prefers that his colleagues refer to him as "Doctor Meeks".
>"Meeks doesn't suffer from delusions of grandeur. He's just trying to
>make a point. For a $25 fee, he was able to purchase a doctorate in
>hypnosis from a fly-by-night institution of hypnosis training."
>Meeks was the sponsor of a bill regulating the practice of hypnosis in
>the state of Indiana, which has passed the Indiana Assembly and is
>currently waiting for the governor's signature. If the governor does
>not act on the bill within 10 days it will automatically become law.
>If vetoed, it will likely not be returned to the Assembly, which has
>adjourned for the legislative year but has been called back in special
>session to pass the state budget and is not likely to take up such a
>relatively insigificant measure amidst such heavy political wranging.
>This potential law would require at least 300 hours of training in
>hypnosis in order to attain a certificate permitting one to attain a
>state license to practice hypnosis. The article does not state the
>specifics of how the hours must earned, who has the authority to give
>training, any details on how the state board will confer the
>certificate of authorization, or even any details about the state
>board itself.
>Meeks makes the argument for the requirements by listing other
>professions that need a specified amount of training before licensing,
>like barbers and manicurists. "The people in Indiana are being duped,"
>says Meeks. "This bill is being opposed by those practicing exorcisms

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Subject: Indiana hypnosis legislation