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Re: Cult hypnotism

On 17 May 1997 11:03:56 -0700, dclxvi@best.com (joshua geller) wrote:

>imagine how a discussion of physics, or history would go if one of the 
>participants stopped talking and tried to sell a book wherein he had
>discussed some of the matter at hand. people would look at him wierd,
>just like I'm looking at you wierd.

Professor Josh:

Not very wierd. If we were having a discussion about  Cultural
Revitalization Movements and I suggested that you read Anthony
Wallace on the subject, my learned collegues would concur and probably
think you a bit "weird' if you insisted that background reading on a
special topic is not necessary.  Any discussion of an academic nature
presupposes that certain basic works in the field have been read and
understood. My 1978 GNOSTICA article   *Magick and Hypnosis* was the
first to define  this issue. There was  even a German edition of it.
It is far longer (5000 words) than anything workable in a USENET
discussion format.  We might call it  necessary  background study.
This is why I'm offering it to those who are interested. Because
you've made such an issue out of it, I will send you a copy gratis on
the condition that you read it and review it for the group; fair

M.A., Cultural Anthropology
C.S.U.N.  1980 

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