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Re: PLR and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

And there are many witch-doctors, stiritualists, etc who will offer "treatment"
for anything. To make a referral to a "plr therapist" with no warning about
false memories and induced beliefs is far below responsible ethical behavior 
for those hypnotherapists who wish to elevate hypnotherapy from 
"lay hypnotism" to a profession.

In article <5l6bi3$bvt@sjx-ixn6.ix.netcom.com>,
Kevin Hogan <meta@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>There is an
>Association of Past Life Research and Therapy in California. They could
>help you answer this question, and, I'd like to know what you come up
>with. John Harrington, on this newsgroup, is quite proficient at this
>kind of therapeutic intervention and he would have some good ideas,
>which I'd also like to see!
>My best,
>Kevin Hogan
>Author: The Psychology of Persuaison
>In <337651C6.3B21@ic.net> Jim Merte <jmerte@ic.net> writes: 
>>Is anyone aware of any research or documented sessions using
>>therapy to treat OCD.  I would also be interested in the success of
>>straight hypnotherapy with OCD treatment however I'm most interested
>>treatment using PLR.   Thanks to anyone who could provide some

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