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Re: HypnoVision - The largest selection of self-help tapes on the planet!

In article <336899E5.4829@ix.netcom.com>, Alex Melamudov
<alosha@ix.netcom.com> writes:

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I should not be so quick to dismiss un unexamined resource on such
grounds as yours, Alex.  No less a prestigious authority than that of 
Wm. Edmonston, Jr., himself can be cited, here, in saying:  

"As we have discovered, and will see more of later, it was the 
nonprofessional, the occultist, the dabbler in magical and religious 
ritual who kept knowledge alive during the hiatuses of professional 
progress.  To the soothsayers of old and magicians of late, we may owe a
greater debt than we realize.  In fact, some of the more 
prominent individuals in hypnosis during the present century learned 
many of their early techniques from stage magicians and the self- 
professed witches of their (our) time."
(The Induction of Hypnosis, Edmonston, 1986, pp 36-37)

The very incantations YOU may use to induce trance, healing or other, 
changes of such a nature often proclaimed "Miraculous!" could very 
well be directly descended of the hexencraft of such a Witch or 
other-styled student of the occult.  In other words, *you may have 
already* spent  money for hypnosis material from a site which produces
tapes to "cast spells" ' . . . in all ignorance.

Nor should you so quickly and prejudicially dismiss the people 
themselves as a group or a culture.  I direct you to read Luhrumann's 
_Persuasions of the Witch's Craft_, where you will find that a 
cross-section of that sub-culture is more likely to be of above average 
intelligence, middle class earnings, and inordinately clustered in the 
job-fields of computer information.  They may, on average, and some, 
predictably, in singular person, be doing far better in this world than 
you, *and* it is unbecoming us.

( Notwithstanding:  this thread should have included the word:
"Ad" in it's title. )

>Alex Melamudov <alosha@ix.netcom.com> writes:
>charlesb@asb2.asb.com wrote:
>>I'm not sure if this is appropriate to post to this group, because of
>>commercial value.  This is a new site http://www.hypnovision.com.  
>>HypnoVision has been in existence for 20 years and still very strong. 
>>They have been featured in Llewellyn's New World Magazine for 
>>years.  The owner has already help me in some matters.  Try >>stopping
by and judge for yourself.  Thanks for your time
>I think that anyone who spend money for hypnosis material from a site

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