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Re: Anonymous email

ethercat@netcom.com wrote:
>Bernie (bern@arcadis.be) wrote:
>: ethercat@netcom.com wrote:

>   Interesting.  Do you think after a while, they may start to wonder 
>about co$, and leave?  The group, or co$?

Absolutely. I remember a couple of people I saw in California in
1983. They were active critics of the COS. They said they
initially were sent on a mission by the COS to infiltrate the
anticult organization called then CFF. They met in so doing
Henrietta Crampton and found her, and other people around,
friendly. They began to read a lot of documents she provided
them and thereby turned into critics. If Henrietta just started
to behave like a jerk, call them clams and brainwashed zombies,
they probably would be left with their COS ideas.

I hardly see how a Scn can stay in the organization when he
becomes aware of the cult mindset and the many limits this
entails. It's actually very risky for the COS to send OSA plants
and spies, because the danger that they will be turned around is
very real. They hardly will be turned by insults, distortions
and exaggerations. On the contrary. They will be turned by
realizing that "SPs" aren't as bad as they are led to believe,
and by a truthful and honest approach.

>   Hmmm, these reflections keep arising...  I see parallels betwen ars and
>discussions with my friend, which I admit, could be because I am reading,
>and my reading is influencing the conversations somewhat; but the last
>time I noticed it particularly, ars was saying "attack the organization,
>not the members" and my friend was saying "I'm not attacking individual
>psychiatrists, I'm attacking the field of psychiatry". 

Tell him that his ideas on psychiatry are not coming from him,
but is something that he is accepting from the COS as a
ready-made theory of which he does not have a direct experience.
Don't argue whether psychiatry is good or bad, but point out to
the fact that he is just repeating the official propaganda line.

>: >You don't seem to be
>: >current co$ to me (and above you stated you were not an OSA agent).  How
>: >did you end up here in ars?

>: Another ex-member introduced it to me as I started to explore
>: the internet. He isn't posting here anymore and hardly lurkes
>: around. If anything, he would post in alt.clearing.technologies,
>: as many ex-members do (I don't, not often at least).

>   Introduced you before or after you left co$?

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