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Re: MED: Hypnosis for pain (was Re: UREGENT HELP/INFO NEEDED!!)

You wrote:
<<<I feel this is overstating the benefits of hypnosis. If hypnosis is
good, I wonder why cancer patients get morphine, since Drs hate
prescribing narcotics so much? FWIW, I have tried self-hypnosis, taught by
a psychologist specialising in pain management, and found it made the pain
go away only for a short time - while I was in the hypnotic state - after
which it would return just as bad as before.>>

You are right that hypnosis has limited effect on pain control. I have not
studied it adequately and thus have remained somewhat silent on the
subject previously but want to comment in response to your post.  Hypnosis
can be effective in giving relief, if only temporarily. some people need
as much relief as they can get. And you are true that it last only while
you are in the hypnotic state.  I have seen videos of people under
hypnosis getting root canals and in one case major abdominal surgery.  In
these cases the patients who cannot have meds without danger have worked
extensively in advance with the hypnotist. I know of one hypnotist who
lost his leg in Viet Nam and survived by using hypnosis for both pain
control and blood loss control.
The more you "practice" your self hypnosis the better you will be at it. 
If it helps you fall asleep, then so be it.  I suggest that you practice
at it and pain relief shoudl come more quickly and more easily each time.
It will not solve your problem, however.
I'm a certified hypnotist but my specialty was in foresnic hypnosis. I
studied all types of hypnosis but do not practice.  I am certified in
Florida.  Maybe I'll set up a test tape for some on the group to try. It
woul dbe a good  test to see if a group of test subjects get various
levels of relief or none at all. I'll keep you posted.

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