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Courtship1, Part3

On the bridge, she found the entire bridge crew, including Captain Picard,
Will Riker, Worf and Deanna Troi in the same catatonic state in which she
had left Wesley. With no effort at all, she lifted Ensign Charlon out of
the Con chair and laid her gently on the floor. She then assumed the
position herself.
"Father", she spoke to the intercom. "I am in position."
No answer. 
Lal hesitated and then repeated, "Engineering, I am in position."
"One moment, Lal", came Data's reply. "I am arranging to feed you one-half
impulse power. That should be sufficient to break orbit."
"But Father, although I know exactly what to do, I am required to do
several things simultaneously with each hand. That requires coordination,
which is only achieved through practice, and which I have never had. I may
tear the ship apart."
"We have no choice!", exclaimed Data, with real concern in his voice. "Try
to make your movements as slow and deliberate as possible. First break
orbit and then take us away from the planet in a direction perpendicular
to the plane of the ecliptic. One half impulse power is now available!"
As deliberately as possible, Lal operated the controls and the panel, and
immediately the Enterprise proceeded to jerk and buck as though caught in
a landslide.
"Lal, you are over-controlling!", came Data's voice over the intercom.
"Cease all activity!"
Immediately, the bucking halted but the view screen now showed the
Enterprise heading directly toward the planet that seemed to be the source
of the menace.
"I have reduced to one-tenth impulse power", reported Data. "Try again, Lal."
Once more, the ship proceeded to jerk and buck, but not with the same
intensity as previously, and even that gradually died down as Lal acquired
some measure of co-ordination. When the ship was again sailing smoothly,
Data's voice again came over the intercom.
"What is our situation, Lal"
"We are spiraling outward from the planet, Father. I judge that in a few
moments, we shall be far enough away that I can change our direction to
one perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic. The planet, or the beings
on it, do not appear to be challenging our escape."
"Not correct, Lal. They have increased the strength of the field that is
holding all humanoid life in a catatonic state. However, that field can
have no effect on us. Can we break orbit yet?"
He was answered by a few mild bucks, which quickly died away. "We have
broken orbit, Father, and are heading outward."
"Is any reaction visible on the planet?"
"Yes, Father. The planet has also left orbit and is pursuing us."
"How fast is it closing?"
"It is gaining on us at a rate of ten thousand meters per second. It will
overtake us in approximately ten minutes."
"We must increase impulse power.  You now have one-half impulse. Try to
outrun the planet."
One more violent jerk, and then Lal gained control of her board. The
Enterprise leapt forward smoothly.

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