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Re: "John M. Price" - Satanic Troll?/UC Davis psychologist?

John M Price wrote:

>   Thus, if
> : there is an apparent causal relationship at the p<100 level, that means
> : the liklihood that the results are a fluke are less than 1 in 100.
> BTW the proper notation would be p < .01.  And it does not really talk of
> by chance, rather, given the gamma function of your particular statistic's
> dfs, it tells you where its value lies in the function of all possible
> values of the same statistical test with the same dfs.

   L            OOO         OOO       K    K
   L          O     O     O     O     K  K
   L          0     O     O     O     KK
   L          O     O     O     O     K  K
   LLLLL        OOO         OOO       K    K

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