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Re: The Rolls Are in the Flour, Laughing.

In article <337CEBC2.34EE@prodigy.net> Gene Douglas <GeneDoug@prodigy.net> wrote:
: Leslie E. Packer, PhD wrote:
:  and that you _continue_ to
: LP: > assert, incorrectly, that he attempted to get people to just
: accept
: > his statement without providing them with the opportunity to read and
: > evaluate for themselves.

: Find such a statement.  You subtly take a half-truth and slide it around
: with an injection of your own phrases.  He could have posted any part of
: the article he referred to, or he could correctly assume that most
: people never looked at it.

Ok idiot.  Here is one of them.  Look for the BIG look, to see the
reference.  There are two of them.  I have underlined with carets the
precise words for the resident fool GeneDoug.

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