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REPOST: The Training Pts 1 & 2


(If you are not 21 years of age, then go away!  This is “play-stuff” for 
adults only”)

Part One:  The Master

I met him at a Seminar.  He was the topic leader and was speaking to us 
about motivating
office personnel.  He was a behavioral psychiatrist – an expert in his 
field.  Damon
Jamison was his name.  Anyhow, I listened and learned – and then 
accidentally met him at
the coffee shop after the seminar.  I decided to sit with him and learn a 
little more about
behavior modification.  My name is – or was Michael Tanner.

Damon invited me to sit with him and we had quite a conversation.  He was 
a truly
Dominant personality who seemed to take control of any situation he found 
himself in. 
“Tell me, Michael, why do you seek me out?  You want something from me!”

He was right – I wanted to benefit from his knowledge and expertise.  “I 
don’t know how
you can tell, but there IS something I would like to know.”

“Tell me, Michael.”

“Is it possible to use the skills you’ve learned to manipulate a person’s 

“Why do you ask?  Who do you want to manipulate?”

“Why – well – actually, it’s my wife that I’d like to change.  She’s such 
a meek person
and I’ve always wanted her to be more – well – domineering!  Do you know 
what I

“You want her to be the aggressor, do you, Michael?”

“Yes, I do!  I’ve always wondered what it would be like if – well – if 
she would dominate
our sexual relationship.  Not that I want her to do anything KINKY or the 
like, mind

“Now, Michael – I think you really WOULD like her to reveal that sexual 

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