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Re: Please explain Swish, also exquisite

Hi. Does this mean that if I robbe you that you will forgive me, and just
drop charges, and let me keep your stuff? Wouldn't society be wonderfully 
xian if everyone treated thieves like that? 

These attitudes do explain why xianity was created to control slaves. 

And where were your "psychic abilities" when it came to predicting the theft,
and locating your stuff?

Engineering is the implementation of science.
Politics is the implementation of faith.

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 <ladyley@innerlightuk.u-net.com> wrote:
>Hi, Its Ladyley, Like Wendy I've given up on AOL.
>Would someone be kind eneough to explain the term exquisite.
>Could some one also explain a Swish.
>I have been reading about the lawsuit of G. v. B. & NLP
>I had a friend, wonderful bear of a man, making Gold jewelry, we were
>at a psychic show. There was a break-in overnight, and his whole stock
>of raw materials, finished products , every last bit, was stolen.
>About 6000 worth. Everyone was very very upset, except Lionel,
>himself. He taught us so much. When you attempt to possess. You don't
>own it, it owns you.   He forgave the thieves, he let it go,  there
>and then. Still and centred. And that stillness radiated. True
>enlightenment. More enlightened than B & G perhaps.

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Subject: Re: How does Jarod pretend to be other people?