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Re: How to Hypnotize


<<I am interested in learning hypnotism. If anyone could send me some
methods or even the titles of good books I could read. Anything is greatly
appreciated. Thank you,>>

My favorite book for learning hypnosis is Bandler and Grinder's
"Trance-Formations". Most bookstores should be able to order that, if it
isn't in stock. Hypnosis, like magick, is best learned through practice...
so either practice the exercises you find in books, or find yourself a
good class on the subject in your area. I would avoid any class that
offers "certification" for a one-day course, for instance. My own bias is
toward Ericksonian hypnosis, which is, IMO, a bit more flexible than
"traditional" hypnosis...

You might also take your question to alt.hypnosis or alt.psychology.nlp

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Subject: Re: Any books on stage hypnosis?