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Re: MMX pumps only 5% more performance than "normal" Pentium ???

On 17 May 1997 12:09:18 GMT, "Paul O." <NOSPAM@netcomuk.co.uk> wrote:

>>  Robert Michael Roza, A.B.A. wrote in article
>> c3.concentric.net>...
>> >Nothing is optimized or will be
>> >for MMX exclusively (sorry).  You should've spent your money more wisely
>> >and bought a new graphics card w/ a Voodoo chipset in it.  
>I have both a P200MMX and an Orchid Righteous card fitted in my system
>(also with a Matrox Mystique which of course has LIMITED Direct3D
>acceleration abilities). I recently purchased the RETAIL version of Moto
>Racer (a game by Dephine) which IS optimised for the MMX (as are several
>games and software applications). When I disable the Voodoo chipset (i.e.
>leaving just the processor and Mystique too handle running the game) all I
>notice is a deterioration (but not too a HUGE unplayable extent, i.e. lack
>of bi-linear filtering, MIP mapping, etc.) in the graphics and a -slight-
>decrease in overall speed. When a friend of mine with a P. Pro 200 ran the
>game it was much more jerky even at a lower resolution and detail. This
>implies to me that the MMX is doing a LOT of the work and is doing a great
>job into the bargain. I'm in no way putting the 3Dfx down because the extra
>detail it gives the game (without reducing the speed) is fantastic. But
>adding this card alone to anything less than a P166 seems unworthy, it
>makes sense to incorporate it with systems that are already quite
>'capable'. So I disagree with the above posters comments about dumping the
>MMX in favour of a Voodoo card, it really needs both.

  Ya I agree, your jsut seeing the beginnings of MMX technology, when
people start writing better programs and know how to use MMX better
you'll see even better MMX games..


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