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Re: -------21" MONITOR COMPARISONS? (Viewsonic P810, P815, PT813 --- Mitsubishi 91TXM --- Nokia 445XI) -------

>Of course, any input or opinions (pros AND cons) about the monitors
>individually are very welcome and appreciated.
>These seem to be the hottest monitors right now, and I am sure there
>are other people out there in the same boat that may also have missed
>earlier posts.

Here is a previous post of mine:


>>It may be that I just got lucky and received an extraordinarily good 91TXM
>>(thank God after trying 4 other monitors!). But many people in this NG have
>>reported the same findings as I have about the 91TXM.
>>Post back if you have any more questions or comments about the 91TXM.

I think my 91TXM is fantastic too.  It is much better than the
Panasonic S21 I first bought, IMO (which is basically the same as the
Viewsonic P810 and also uses the same tube as the P815, AFAIK).

>How is the auto-switching between BNC and D-Sub inputs handled?  (The 
>answer I want is "it's programmable, so that when both are asserted
>you can have the D-Sub input always be the one displayed."  
>Unfortunately, very few monitors seem to have that feature.)

Yes, it is.  It even has a dedicated button for switching so
navigating the OSD isn't necessary to switch inputs like with the
Panasonic\Viewsonic models.  As I understand it, the 87TXM (the 17"
Mitsubishi model) only outputs the BNC signal when a BNC cable is

>The Computer Shopper review (yeah, I know) mentioned nasty moire at
>1280x1024 only on some samples.

Yes, at some resolutions Moire is noticeable.  However, the picture on
the 91TXM is really -fantastic-, it has a Moire adjustment that can
overcome much of the Moire when it is present, and only certain
screens show noticeable Moire anyway.  I run 1280x1024 mostly, and I
don't notice Moire most any time.  I've noticed Moire often occurs
when the Win95 Shutdown dialog is on screen along with the "greyed
out" "about to shutdown" effect... I've found Moire is more prevalent
on that screen with many monitors.

>From what I understand, Moire is much more common on very sharply

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