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Re: My Voodoo/Flash 3D Experience...

"Dave Glue" <daveacg@interlog.com> scribed:

> Yep, signal degredation.  85hz at 1024*768*16 was noticeably

Did you try moving the cards around, probably separating
the distance between your Verite and Flash?

> Basically, my Quake experience remained virtually unchanged
> from a single-player perspective - the only exception would
> perhaps be underwater, where the Voodoo was quite smoother.

The difference in performance, or lack of, that you see
would be due to the heavy amount of "to the metal"
programming that went into the Verite version.  Carmack's
finger file mentioned having to extensively deal with
the Verite's RISC core - not a happy thing.  As for a
possible Voodoo "to the metal" port, here's an interesting
excerpt from someone creating an optimized OpenGL driver
for the Voodoo and the expected performance increases:


>: The current OpenGL miniport written by 3Dfx is just a
>: function -> function port, which means that they made
>: no special effort to optimize the performance of the
>: OpenGL functions on the 3Dfx chipset. I will be taking
>: advantage of some special features of the chipset in
>: my port, and expect to be able to increase performance
>: of apps such as GLQuake by up to 50%. Some preliminary
>: tests I have done using sample OpenGL apps have yielded
>: fairly startling performance gains.

> Next, I wanted to see some Direct3D games, as that's
> where the Voodoo is supposed to have a significant
> advantage.

How about Moto Racer?

> The only downside is that it slows down when you pick
> up objects- pick up a lot in a serious dogfight, and
> its chop-city.  This is going to be fixed later as I
> understand.

Didn't you try 3DFX's latest Descent2 patch?  It
supposedly eliminates the slowdown you mention.

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