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Flash Voodoo - HELP!!!

I just got my Flash Voodoo card and installed everything ok.  But when I
start up Descent II, the game runs, but I can only see the walls next to
and around me.  Everything farther away than one block is black, no
graphics at all.  I can't see ahead of myself.  What could I change or
adjust???  I have a #9 771 2d card and the s3fix applied.  I tried changing
the memory address for the Flash card.  What could it be?

Samuel S. Paik <paik@webnexus.com> wrote in article
> In article <5l3hqo$6f0@whitney.cs.unc.edu>, mueller@cs.unc.edu (Carl
> Mueller) wrote:
> >Well, actually only those applications that are staticly linked will
> >need to be recompiled.  Those which are dynamically linked (those which
> >use the operating system drivers available at run-time) don't need to
> >be recompiled.
> 3Dfx has changed the name of the DLL.  At the very least, any existing
> Glide apps will need to be relinked.  There are some differences in
> the functionality between Voodoo Graphics and Voodoo Rush, so some
> apps will need to be modified as well.
> Sam
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