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Time and Time Again 2/? by GMD614NEW: Time and Time Again (2/?) by GMD614@aol.com

Time and Time Again (2/?) by GMD614@aol.com
Disclaimers in Part 1
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Nothing recent
Summary:  As college students participating in a Regression Hypnosis
Dina and Max learn a little something about ties that bind.

Part 2:     
     Max handed the folded paper over and waited. His eyes never left her
face. Her big, round, expressive azure eyes took in each word. Her face
remained blank and the anticipation was killing him. 

"Well?  Dee?  What do you think?"
     She looked up at him from her spot on the beanbag, and his stomach
flipped. The butterfies were incredible. Their eyes met and locked. He
lowered himself to a crouch, still searching her eyes for an answer.  

"Dee? Say you'll do this with me."

     Still, nothing. She didn't speak. Dina only watched as every emotion
imaginable flashed across his face and reflected in his eyes.

"This is important to you, isn't it?"
"I...uh...I just thought...it would be fun."

     This was not the reaction he'd anticipated, and it was unnerving.

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Subject: Quitting for good with Hypnosis.