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Re: The Greenbaum Speech

The Ordo Templi Astartes (O.T.A.) is a Hermetic Order 
practicing Ceremonial Magick in the Western Tradition continually 
for the past twenty-seven years. Our Mother temple is located in
Pasadena, California. We have been operating a Temple in
Connecticut for the past five years and we just opened a
Hermitage (Camp) in the Seattle, Washington area. We are 
Romantic Pagans and we employ a unique Pagan interpretation
of the Kabbalah that includes a Pagan Tetragrammaton 
and uses Ancient Phoenician Letters in lieu of Hebrew.  Our
initiations are based on the 18th century Rite of Crata Repoa and 
our magical pantheon derives from Ancient Canaan. Our four 
Seasonal Ceremonies celebrate the myth-cycle of Ba'al and
Astarte. Since 1969 we have been the acknowledged masters of
the art of conjuration to visible appearance in the Dark Mirror. We
have also perfected the technique of calling down angels into a
crystal shewstone.  The Gods and Goddesses of our 
Pagan Solomonic Tradition in-dwell in a unique Kabbalistic Psychic
Center System (Chakra system) that is a perfect synthesis of Western
symbolism and Eastern Tantric practice. We are sponsored by: The
Church of Hermetic Sciences, Inc., O.T.A.)

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Subject: Re: Has anyone tried hypnosis?