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Repost - The First Visit - The HeartbreakThe First Visit - The Heartbreak

I'm putting this information on the NG FYI.  It's kind of long but I
want to get it said.  If you don't read it then the only ones who'll
know about it will be the government.  Before I realized I was involved
in a government conspiracy (MKULTRA), I walked into the FBI offices at
219 S. Dearborn in Chicago twenty years ago and told them this info.  I
also wrote them a letter in 1985 with this info plus plenty more.  I
never heard from them about it. They just thanked me politely.  They may
not have believed me even though a stream of women agents showed up and
filed past while I was talking, giving me some of the dirtiest looks
I've ever had.  (For those of you who have experienced that from
strangers, it's your subconscious they're trying to get to.  It's a good
tipoff you may have been hypnotised at one time.)  I found out later it
is quite possible to talk to agents in gov. offices who never deal with
any type of "black program" info, etc., but they must get all the crap
about the ones who do.  If they did know what I was talking about it
must have seemed pretty funny to them that I would be so upset about a
"game".  So I feel I did my "civic duty" long ago.

There are three things a targeted citizen can do with info like this. 
They can: 1) say nothing, 2) give it to a senate subcommittee, or 3) put
it on the internet.  (There used to be only two options -- remember?)

After twenty years of looking for "hints" to all of this, I'm really
good at deciphering this type of subject matter.  But it's like being an
expert at a dead language.  What do I do with this type of knowledge? 
Do I sit at the bridge table sipping wine and comment on the
psychological warfare aspects of the latest news event (or in my case
maybe even a future event)?  Maybe I could mention what was REALLY going
on behind the scenes at those summit talks?  Nobody except those into
these things cares, believes, or even understands what you're talking
about.  I once got as much money together as I could, quit my job, and
went all the way to London to find an American I thought I could talk to
about all this.  I picked him up through telepathy, sitting at his desk
thinking about his stamp collection.  I knew he was somehow connected to
this.  He was definitely into it all, but it was like he was in a
different stratosphere with it, and thought I should be at home having
children (I'm able to use a little mind reading occasionally.)   I just
thought, "I give up!", and went home.

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Subject: Second Visit - The Horror Show