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FAQ for rec.arts.books.hist-fiction (guidelines, resources)

 Version 96-6.
 This FAQ, updated and posted monthly, answers some
 frequently asked questions and information requests,
 and tries to orient new users about
 this newsgroup for historical fiction.
 Any suggestions will be gladly reflected
 in future versions. For questions/suggestions,
 contact Soon Y. Choi at  by email.
 You can find this FAQ and other materials on my WWWeb page
 ( I began to
 archive most (not all) postings. Frequently discussed topics
 and authors will be summarized and posted separately. Others will
 be kept on my web page.
 Historical Fiction FAQ cosists of four files:
 1) This FAQ: guidelines, resources
 2) Archives: reader recommendations
 3) Author List: classical authors
 4) Author List: modern authors
 ********Table of Contents**********
 1. "I think my posting may not be appropriate here, but..."
 1.2. Is this OK to discuss historical romances?
 2. "Is this available on the Internet?"
 2.1. Web Sites on Books and Book Reviews
 2.2. Online Public Libraries
 2.3. Historical Fiction Sites
 2.4. Resources on the Internet related to h-f authors
 2.5. On-Line Book Resources
 2.6. Book Catalogs and Book Clubs List
 3. Is there an award for historical fiction writers?
 3.1. Scott O'Dell Award             
 3.2. Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize Winners         
 3.3. Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction
 3.4. Other Awards
 4. Is this newsgroup being archived somewhere?
 5. Is there a list for historical novels for...?
 5.1. Historical novel authors list         
 5.2. List by Larry Besaw - historical fiction reading list
 5.3. Ricardian Authors List
 5.4. Sabatini list          
 5.5. Arthurian Booklist       
 5.6. List of Historical Novels Set Before AD 1000
 5.7. Historical Mysteries             
 5.8. Nautical Fiction List           
 5.9. Other Lists
 6. "Where are those quotes in Dorothy Dunnett's books from?"   
 7. "What is a potboiler?"
 8. "How many sequels are there for The Three Musketeers?"
 1. "I think my posting may not be appropriate here, but..."
 Then, please don't post your inappropriate message. We'd like
 to keep signal-to-noise level high here.
 Appropriate postings are those related to historical
 fictions or novels, its authors, reviews of them,
 request for info regarding historical fiction, authors,
 publishers, or other media carrying historical fiction.
 But, what is historical fiction?
 From the Charter of this group, "historical fiction is