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Pgh:Architecture tutor for your child!

 Are your children interested in art?
 Do your kids like Legos and other types of building blocks?
 Do your kids like to make forts with pillows or imagine under the table?
 You may not have noticed it, but your child may be a talent in art or
 My name is Julie Chen and I am currently a freshman at Carnegie Mellon
 University majoring in Architecture here in Pittsburgh.  I graduated
 with a Regents Diploma from Stuyvesant High School (NYC).  Stuyvesant is
 known in NY for its architecture, drafting, and engineering courses. 
 NYC itself is known for it's museums and buildings (home of Empire State
 Building and World Trade Center).
 What I would like to do is help guide talented children into the field
 of architecture.  Although I have never tutored architecture before, I
 have tutored English to middle school children, so I know how to write
 and execute teaching plans.  I know many simple architectural projects
 for children because I have done them myself as a child (I took drafting
 and Math Talent courses in a magnet junior high school).
 Ages may vary.  I will set up an appropriate plan for the age of the
 tutoree. Among things that may be tutored are:
     Creative drawing - drawing images, not necessarily real objects
     Origami - understanding goemetric, 3D shapes through the art of
             paper folding
     Perception drawing - begining to learn the simple rules of drawing
             (i.e. what is nearer is bigger, what is further from
             light is darker.)
     Drafting - drawing shapes or objects in actual form
     Perspective drawing - Learning One Pt. and Two Pt. perspective
     Model making - Portraying things smaller and learning about space.
     Architecture History - understanding more about American culture
   ! Computer Aided Drafting - ***Special Opportunity!***  You can get your 
                child into the college environment and try Computer Aided 
                Design!  Your child just might come home with his/her 
                dream-house in his/her hands!
 Don't just have your child babysat!  Have him learn!  I am charging $14
 per session each lasting 2 hours not including materials.  Material
 costs vary for tutoring plan:
     $15 for elementary ages
     $23 for middle school ages
     $30 for high school ages
     ...Or if you'd like you or your child can buy materials on your own.
 If you're in any way interested, then you know that there is some kind
 of spark in your child for architecture.  Don't let the opportunity
 pass!  Years are precious in children's lives.  You can pour the
 concrete to their foundation in their future.
 Ask your child.  If he/she thinks it would be fun, then they are
 definately young architect material!
 To contact me, please reply to this account, otherwise if you're in a
 rush, finger  There, you will find my
 whereabouts and current phone number.
 I'll be waiting to hear from you prospective architects' parents!
                                                         Julie Chen
 P.S.  Please pass the word around!  If you know someone who needs to
 have their kids occupied during the summer or after school, tell them
 about me!