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Cultural Plan Needs Help!

 Anyone interested in reviewing and commenting on the new 5 year Cultural 
 Plan for Silicon Valley or Santa Clara County please review draft 
 documents and contact The following people.
 Lynn Rogers
 San Jose Arts Commission & the Office of Cultural Affairs
 291 South Market Street
 San Jose, Ca 95113
 408.277.3289 fx 408.277.3160
 Bruce Davis 
 Arts Council of Santa Clara County
 4 North Second Street, Suite 505
 408.9982787 fx 408.971.9458
 Please Note::::::
 After attending a public forum meeting - Arts Comissioners stated if the 
 already under represented and under funded "visual artists do not show up 
 there will be no funding".
 Your comments are vital to the planning and the next 5 years of culture 
 in the communications capital of the universe as we know...
 Everyone from mothers to young adults to visitors to the valley to arts 
 professionals are welcome to comment.
 Issues include
 cultural diversity
 traditional cultures
 grants and arts stablization
 resource development
 neighborhoods and community arts
 partnerships and collaborations
 public art
 specila populations
 technical assistance
 need to add would be business planning, incubators, and philanthropy...
 Thanks for your support and input it is vital to the future of the visual 
 arts here in Silicon Valley.
 Mattison FitzGerald
 Principal 'M' Art