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Re: Poetry, Time Future(s) (fwd)Re: Poetry, Time Future(s) (fwd)

I see more & more ramification away
from poetry's historic "main stem." An
extreme pluralism of poetic constituencies.
(The old dichotomy of mainstream vs.
avant garde invalidated completely.)

The question is whether these "poetries"
will become increasingly divisive or
wonderfully multiflorous. I wish for the latter.

I'm still naive enuf to want to believe in the
somewhat discredited notion of an American melting pot,
or rather a Mulligan Stew--with all the individual tastes
extant. A stew created/cooked up not through central
cultural dominance or forced assimilation--& here
I'm speaking of aesthetics rather than ethnicity--
but as a positive process. (Forgive this mishmash
of mixed metaphor--maybe this is unconscious mimetic
fallacy--now I'm back to the botanical.) A process
that strengthens each individual branch--that strengthening
being the result of ongoing resistance to other poetries
and the natural competition to be heard.


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