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Re: Poetry, Time Future(s) (fwd)Re: Poetry, Time Future(s) (fwd)

Kwang wrote:
"I believe poetry in the US will have to contend with the fact of its
insularity.  Poetry ought to compete with the most spectacular of our
film, t.v. internet....not so much in terms of content, I guess, than in
of stylistic attitude.  Personally, I'd like to see more poetry than can
metaphoric connections, cross (genre) boundaries if you will, between a
like MASH,  Calif's English only laws, and...perhaps a domestic
where a child asks why 'Orientals' talk so funny..."

I think this is right. We'll see combinations of genre bending,
tone-shifting, and the mixing of so-called popular and high culture(s).
Albert Goldbarth comes to mind, a sort of high-ocatane High Modernist,
but watch for Claire Bateman's forthcoming _Friction_ from Eighth
Mountain Press (Portland OR) in which Frankenstein, the psychic friends
and MacDonalds get mixed up in what seem to me completely new ways.

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