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Paulo Freire dies, his work continues (fwd)Paulo Freire dies, his work continues (fwd)

Dear Cap-Lers,

I found this a moving post and I'm forwarding it as a contribution to some
of the recent discussion about the role of the "subject" in poetry and

Incidentally, in regard to the question of poetry's future, OXFORD
MAGAZINE, published out of Miami University, English Dept., Oxford, OH
45056, will have a special issue devoted to that question coming out in the
fall.  The editors have asked a range of poets to write essays on the
future of poetry, and it should be a surprising and interesting forum.


>>>As many of you know, the work of Paulo Freire has had a profound effect on
>>>my life and academic training.  It is with great sadness that I share this
>>>posting with you on his recent, and untimely death last week.  I just
>>>thought you would appreciate the following post on his life and work.
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>>>Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 23:28:28 -0400 (EDT)
>>>From: Valerie Scatamburlo <valeries@yorku.ca>
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>>>Subject: paulo freire
>>>As I indicated in a previous post Paulo Freire recently passed
>>>away--his tragic death has robbed us of one of the most radical,
>>>politically engaged, public intellectuals of our time--but this tragic
>>>event cannot rob us of Freire's legacy nor can it diminish the promise and
>>>insights of his life's work.  His work emanated a spirit--between every
>>>line there was a sense of urgency, a passion, and an immediateness which
>>>was and is as rare as it is refreshing--he was someone who really took the
>>>theory/practice nexus seriously--someone who was engaged in struggle all
>>>his life, someone who was much more than an armchair academic...
>>>Although Freire's thought is most often taken up in education circles, and
>>>more specifically in the discourse of critical pedagogy, his work I
>>>believe provides us with a richness that should not be restricted to any
>>>one discipline.  Indeed, his analyses provide a source of radical hope in
>>>an age marked by postmodern despair and Nietzschean nihilism.  While
>>>postmodern prophets have, for the last two decades or so, been busily

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