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This is one of the traditional dishes of Karnataka, which is also popular
parts of Tamil Nadu (in a slightly varied version though, and is called Mor
KoLambu). It is a simple, tasty, low fat, semi liquid, commonly mixed and
with rice. In its simplest form it has no vegetables at all, but there are
a select variety of vegetables, each of which add a distinct taste to this
exquisite dish. Only a single vegetable is used in this unique dish.

Ingredients: HuLi Majjige with a little of HuLi Mosaru (sour curds or
kept out of fridge for 1 day or so,  with butter milk), green chillis 5/6
meNasina kayi), 1 teaspoon of  cumin seeds (jeerige'), 2 spoons of Dhaniya 
(Kothumbari beeja) or a few cut pieces  of Dhaniya leaves (kothumbari
half a spoon of mustard (Saasuve'), two spoons of Kadale beLe"(Chana dal/
bengal gram) soaked in water for half-an-hour,  a pinch of turmeric powder
(AriSinada pudi),a pinch of hing (asaphotida), one half of a coconut
fresh) or one handful of the dry variety can be soaked in water for
and used. A small piece (strawberry sized) of ginger, two seeds of whole

Grind the ingredients in a pestle (or dry grinder). Add half a litre of
(butter milk+sour yogurt) to it and allow it to warm up. Add salt to taste,
and water to make the mixture fairly thick but semi-liquid. Just as it
starts to
boil, switch off the heat, add a few curry leaves (Kari-bevina soppu). For
oggarane (phodni/tarka) first heat a spoon of oil, add mustard seeds, after

they split take off the heat, add one-half broken red chilli. After it
add it to the boiling hot Majjige HuLi.

Adding vegetables

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