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eeurope-changes digest (97/04/29 22203)Kazakstan publications

The University of Reading

The Centre for Post-Soviet Studies, (Reading, UK) is proud to announce
its association with and promotion of the The Association of
Sociologists and political scientists of Almaty city in Kazakstan. The
Web pages can be found at
As part of our relationship, the Centre for Post-Soviet Studies would
like to draw your attention to the list of present and forthcoming
publications from the Association, which can be found listed at
>From February 1997, the Centre for Post-Soviet Studies is both a patron
of and representing the interests of the Association of Sociologists and
Political Scientists of Almaty City in the West.The Centre is proud to
be associated with such a non-governmental research association in
Kazakstan, and believes that support like this is important in the
difficult period of transition.  
The list of publications will be regularly updated, and inquiries can be
made either directly to  theAssociation of Sociologists and Political
Scientists of Almaty City or to the Centre for Post-Soviet Studies.
Publications are in Russian, but the Centre can provide English
translations on request with prices available on application. 

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