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ind22.txt part1

		Dhideer Shaavige

Courtesy:  Harish Amble

	Too tired? No time to cook an eloborate meal?
	Uninvited guests at your place all of a sudden? 
	Single and trying to please your date with your 
	culinary talents? Here's a recipe which you can 
	prepare within 15 minutes and still satisfy the taste
	buds of most people (especially kannadigas).

	Do you remember those "Oththu Shaamige" eaten with
	both kaara type and with Paayasa.

	Rice noodles (called "Oththu Shaamige" in kannada) is
	still a long process in karnataka. It takes atleast
	2 hours to prepare just the wet rice noodles with all
	those baking and steaming. But here in U.S it is easily
	available either at the Indian or Chines stores. Try to look
	at the ingradients of the packet before buying (should be only
	rice and water). Don't buy the ones with eggs in them. 

	Here's a recipe for Kaarada "oththu shaamige".


		Rice noodles - One packet will feed atleast 10 people

		1/2 cup coconut (Freshly grated preferred)
		5-8 green or red chillies
		1/4 teaspoon of coriander seeds
		A dash of Hingu (Asofoteida)

		2 tablespoons of NelagaDale kaayi beeja (Raw  peanuts)
		1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
		5-6 leaves kari bhevu (kaDi paththa)

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