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eeurope-news digest (97/04/18 6829)Weir/NATO, Herspring/Area Studies, New Tax Chief,

Johnson's Russia List
18 April 1997

[Note from David Johnson:
  1. Fred Weir in Moscow on NATO expansion developments.
  2. Dale Herspring (Kansas State): Area Studies.
  3. Lawrence Freedman: Re. Nicknames for Leading Figures.
  4. Moskovskiy Komsomolets: "Government Now Has One More Gaydarite."
(Aleksandr Pochinok, new head of the State Tax Service).
  5. Moskovskiy Komsomolets: "Chubays Invents New VChK."
  6. Moskovskaya Pravda: "'The Question of V. Chernomyrdin Will Be 
Decided in May,' Says A. Korzhakov." (And other revelations).
  7. International Herald Tribune: Flora Lewis, Speak Up for Eastward 
Expansion of the Atlantic Alliance. (Reporting on Norfolk, Virginia
  8. Christian Science Monitor: Peter Ford, Heirs of Lenin and Stalin Face
Crisis In an Era of Change.
  9. Philadelphia Inquirer: Only a fraction of ex-Soviet nuclear materials
are secure, report says. (National Research Council).
  10. Rabochaya Tribuna: U.S. Organization Accused of Shenanigans in
  11. Interfax: Experts Predict Lower Grain Harvest Than Forecast.
  12. New York Times letter: Bolshoi Director Wasn't Wedded to the Past.

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