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A Bay Area Progressive Calendar (fwd)A Bay Area Progressive Calendar

Tuesday, Apr 15     3:00 pm     Oakland     Port of Oakland Action
*** D-Day for Unionized Oakland Airport Concessions ***
The Port Commission is prepared to make a decision on the issue of
keeping Airport concessions 100% Union.  Workers need major support at
this meeting to ensure that their livelihoods will be protected!
 --> Port of Oakland Building, 2nd Floor Board Room, 530 Water Street
(off Embarcadero, near Jack London Movie Theatres on Washington) in
Oakland, CA
[HERE Local 2850 (510) 893-3181 x116 (Stephanie)]

Tuesday, Apr 15     4:00 pm     San Jose     Demonstration
*** Tax Day Protest Against Corporate Welfare ***
Billions of dollars go to subsidies, bailouts, and tax breaks for
corporations and the rich.  Yet the federal and state governments are
scapegoating immigrants and welfare recipients as being the cause of
their budget deficits and are cutting social services to families and
the elderly,  disabled, and homeless.  Join People Opposing Welfare
Rollbacks (POWR).  Also picketing at 1750 Lundy Avenue in San Jose from
4 pm to midnight
 --> US Post Office, 1750 Meridian Avenue in San Jose, CA
[info (408) 236-2115]

Tuesday, Apr 15     5:00 pm     Concord     Demonstration
*** Tax Day Action ***
Hand out informative leaflets with members of the Peace Center
 --> Concord Main Post Office in Concord, CA
[Mount Diablo Peace Center (510) 933-7850]

Tuesday, Apr 15     6:30 pm     Berkeley     City Council Meeting
*** Stop the Poor Laws ***
The Berkeley City Council reconsiders the law against sitting on the
sidewalk and the law against asking for a donation after dark.  Ask the
council to withdraw completely from the lawsuit with the ACLU
contesting the constitutionality of the laws.  Berkeley shouldn't set
national precedent to allow other cities to crack down even further on
the poor who need to ask for help because of 'welfare reform' and
immigrant bashing.  Call swing vote councilmember Linda Maio at (510)
 --> Meet on the steps of Old City Hall, MLKing at Center in Berkeley, CA

Tuesday, Apr 15     7:00 pm     Berkeley     Educational Forum
*** The Welfare Cuts:  Sharing What We Know and Where Do We Go From
Here ***

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