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Cleopatra Pictures 

Treatment : Rave, An Electronica Documentary 

It's 1997, and electronic dance music is arriving in America in a big
way. The scene's
been raging in Europe for at least a decade, and has long had a loyal
following here in the States, but only now are bands like the Chemical
Prodigy and Underworld beginning to muscle their way onto the charts.
much of what the public hears about the movement is negative: we're told
of drug
fueled raves where violence occasionally breaks out,  and we're given an
image of the
music as strictly machine-made, devoid of passion.  It's this kind of
misinformation that
Cleopatra Pictures aims to correct with its feature-length documentary,
entitled Rave, which will present electronic music -- AKA Electronica --
and its fans in a
positive light, with all the passion and energy intact. As in the early
days of Punk and
New Wave, this is the time when legends are being born. Rave  is going
to be there as
it happens.

The film will begin by taking a look back. It will identify
Electronica's pioneers -- artists
like Brian Eno and Kraftwerk -- who as far back as the 1960s were laying
groundwork for the electronic culture that eventually developed. It will
also trace the
evolution of dance culture and show how the DJ has been transformed from
anonymous record-spinner into his current role as sound innovator, using
his palette
of high-tech gear to create a seemingly endless variety of electronic
genres ranging
from acid jazz to dub to drum n' bass. 

Broadening the scope of the film will be an exploration of Electronica's

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