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NC17 Waters and Wild 1/10 by Morgan*NC-17/MSR* Waters and Wild 1/10

The Waters and The Wild:  Away With Us 1/10

LEGAL MUMBO-JUMBO DISCLAIMER THINGY:  Unfortunately I do not own the
or any of its characters. Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox do. Of
course, if I actually owned them, M & S would havebeen together by now,
Marita would die a horrible, painful death, and Pendrell would still be in
the land of the living.  Oh, for what might have been...sigh. I *do* own
Savola, Mary Savola and James Bramlett, so whatever I choose to do with
is my business...*sticking tongue out at lawyers*.

SUMMARY:  After Mulder's abdcution, Scully's search for her missing
leads her to a mysterious woman who just may hold the answer to Scully's
battle with cancer. Some fourth-season spoilers.


KEYWORDS:  Mulder/Scully romance

CHARACTER DIES:  But don't worry...it's a nasty one...grin.

DEDICATION:  To Michelle, who got me addicted to The X-Files in the first
place, and to the Sisters of the Forum Church of David Duchovny (SFCDD),

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