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The Pale Moonlight 3/? by Steph LutzThe Pale Moonlight (3/?)

By Steph Lutz

Disclaimed in part 1
Scully shifted restlessly in bed, pushing off the blanket that she'd just
pulled up a few minutes ago.  Lately she just couldn't seem to get
comfortable.  She wasn't in pain - not much, anyway - just incredibly
Her vision was blurry most of the time now, and she greyed out now and
again.  Add to that the fact that she was starting to get really
forgetful...  She'd been able to pretty much hide that from Mulder and her
mom so far, but it was getting harder.	
At the moment she was alone, and able to fidget without any worried
cast her way.  Mulder was across the street at a coffee bar, loading up on
caffeine - his fourth that day, she wondered what his EKG must look like -
and buying lattes for all the staff.  They'd do just about anything for
right about now...
Scully picked up the handset of the phone resting in the siderail and
dialed.  Funny, she couldn't remember if she'd had breakfast, though she
remembered Mulder having coffee, but she could remember this number.

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