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NC17 Waters and Wild 8/10 by Morgan*NC-17/MSR* Waters and Wild 8/10

The Waters and the Wild: Away With Us 8/10

DISCLAIMER THINGY:  (Extended version can be found in part one.)
own them...never will...thank you. Archive, pass on, whatever. Now...on
the story...



809 White Horse Drive
Norfolk, Virginia
March 30
11:09 a.m.

Scully carefully slid her Honda into a parking space down the street from
warehouse. She had tucked her flame-red hair into a Knicks baseball cap in
attempt to hide her identity. No makeup, a loose, slightly rumpled
Oxford-cloth shirt that still smelled of Mulder's spicy aftershave and a
of faded jeans completed the disguise. A pair of rattily dressed teenagers
necking on a bench across the street caught her attention. Scully grinned.

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Subject: NC17 Waters and Wild 1/10 by Morgan