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GRP-FACL Digest - 7 May 1997 to 8 May 1997Focusing On: Nameing The Problem

Sparked by the phrase "Selling The Problem", several folks have commented
on the impulse of individuals and groups to bypass the process of defining
the problem and leap head-first into the process of defining solutions.

In this way, we human beings aim for the moon and hit the outhouse door!
One of the symptoms of "Rushing To Judgement" [to coin a popular phrase
these days] is the observable behavior of ordinarily intelligent people
running around "putting out fires" and complaining that there is no time
for problem analysis.

The addiction to "putting out fires" [similar to the addiction to other
stimulants] requires an intervention, to begin with.

As part of Problem-Solving, I first teach & facilitate learning on how to
tell the difference between a Symptom; An Opinion/Guess; A Position, a
Problem and A Solution statement.

Once we are all clear on the differences and all agree that there IS a
difference between this and that, the learning group then agrees [with my
urging] that I will interrupt the old process, i.e. leaping into
solutions, guesses, positions, etc. before Nameing The Problem.

I then interrupt with gusto! I use a big, old bicycle horn that can wake
the dead. A few blasts from me and the process tends to gradually slow
down: long enough for everyone to think twice: "is this a symptom or a

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