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VIRTU-L Digest - 7 May 1997 to 9 May 1997HOMEBREW: CyberMaxx cable part# ?

Hi all,

I am one of the lucky ones (????) who got the parts for the
VictorMaxx CyberMaxx (from Halteds ... great place!) However,
I need just one more part!

I need the cables that fit into the jumbers j1 and j2 on the
driver board.  The ones that let me power it and get the video
signal in.  Actually, I would even be happy with j2 (the smaller
one since it is the power and ntsc video in).

If anybody knows anything about them, for example the part
number, or a supplier I would be very grateful if you could
contact me.

Thanks in Advance

Daniel Delgado


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