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Re: NC17 Resigned to Fate 1/1 by Lynn GreggResigned to Fate (1/1) NC-17

Resigned to Fate (1/?)
by Lynn Gregg
Disclaimer: DS & FM = CC, 1013, Fox & TPTB. All rights
reserved, use only as directed. Characters will be
returned to the upright position once the ride has
come to a complete stop. Category: VRA Rating: NC-17
Summary: When Scully tries to leave the X-Files,
Mulder finds a way to make her stay.

MSR warning! Anti-Shippers, turn back now! You have
been warned!

This was the first fanfic I ever wrote, though I've
not posted it till now. Do with it what you will, but
please keep my name on it...and please don't send it
to ATXC. 

Comments, questions, fan mail, hate mail to

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