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Hope For Tomorrow 3/4 by Natasha BHope For Tomorrow (3/4) by Natasha B

Hope For Tomorrow (3/4)
by Natasha B   mjade24@hotmail.com

DISCLAIMER:  Like I stated before, Mulder and Scully belong to CC and 
TenThirteen and the related.  

Everything else in Part One


     The minutes had gone by faster than he had realized, and he took that
to gaze at his strong, yet fragile looking partner.  Her head was resting
on the 
armrest.  Somehow, one of the strands of her silk-like red hair had gotten
from the bunch and crept on her face like a baby's curious fingers wanting
feel the smoothness of her porcelain skin.  He got up off the chair and
quietly walked over to gaze more closely on her face, making himself
on the floor, next to the couch, and carefully lifted the hairs up and
away from 
her cheek and put it back in its place, making sure not to wake her.  
     He listened.  Nothing.  Still.  All that could be heard was her

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Subject: Hope For Tomorrow 1/4 by Natasha B