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Watched Over 2/? by Rhondda LakeNEW:(2/?)Watched Over

Disclaimed in part 1.

Dogged Determination V: Watched Over
by Rhondda Lake
(part 2/?)

Dog tired

In the sparse comfort of an anonymous hotel room just outside of Millen,
Georgia, Mulder was typing up the end of his report with furious jabs of
fingers. He was SUPPOSED to have been out of here yesterday. Their suspect
was dead. There had been no more instances of Spontaneous Human
Case closed. But their damned flight had been canceled.

*CRACK* Mulder's head shot up to glare at his partner. She was twirling
string of pink bubble gum around her finger and popping it back in her

She looked over at him and smiled. She knew she was annoying him, and
reveling in it.

What the hell did he do to deserve this?

*CRACK* Another burst bubble, another string of gum.

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