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Late Night Epiphany 1/1 by Nancy ElmieuxNEW: Late Night Epiphany (1/1) PG. by Nancy Lemieux

I'm just hoping this doesn't bounce.  Hope you like it!  Any responses
should be sent to my email address, since I'm not subscribed to this list.



Disclaimer:  You'd think that I'd start to get used to writing these by
now... oh well.  Mulder and any reference to events in the X-Files belong
to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, and Twentieth Century Fox.
Roger Stevenson is all mine... well in my story, anyway.  No infringement
intended, and I sure as hell don't make any money from this.  Otherwise,
I'd be calling Air Canada to make reservations to go to LuvFest <sigh>.
So, please don't sue this poor, poor student.

This story is a response to Small Potatoes.  The lack of communication and
tension between Mulder and Scully *begged* to be addressed.  Here's a
little something I came up with as I wondered how Mulder might deal with

Summary:  Mulder ends up in a bar, trying to drown his troubles, and can't
get the pesky barman to leave him alone.  Set after Small Potatoes.

Rating: VRA.  PG for a few swearwords.  No violence, no X-File, just a lot
of UST with a sprinkling of Romance, and Scully's not even in the room. ;)

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