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Hope For Tomorrow 1/4 by Natasha BHope For Tomorrow (1/4) by Natasha B

Hope For Tomorrow (1/4) 
by Natasha B  (mjade24@hotmail.com)


DISCLAIMER:  The X-Files, A.D. Skinner, Agent Mulder, and Agent Scully DO
belong to me.  They belong to the beloved Chris Carter and Ten Thirteen 
Productions and the related (including MP, DD, and GA respectively).  They
NOT mine! I am only borrowing them for my enjoyment.  

CATEGORY:  S, A, MSR (actually, it's more like UST)

RATING:  I'm guessing PG

SPOILERS:  Up to, and including Memento Mori. 

SUMMARY:  Scully gets offered a transfer to a cancer research team, and
while on 
an assignment, both look back at past events and look forward on possible 

COMMENTS BY AUTHOR:  Well, this is my first fanfic, and I'm not a writer,
so be 
kind.  Thanks to Kathleen for her suggestions, advice and help to get me

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