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Spirit of Friendship 8/16 by multipleSpirit of Friendship (8/16)

Spirit of Friendship (8/16)
Jason Cleaver (argo@easynet.co.uk)
Barbara Nice-Miller (SpookyJedi@aol.com)

Disclaimer in Chapter 1


Fairway Motel

Mulder placed Scully's photo on the counter in front of the 
motel manager and opened his ID.  He introduced himself 
and Petra then pointed to the photograph.

"We're looking for this woman.  She may have given her 
name as Lili and may be with a guest here, his first name 
is Jeff.  He's from Daytona Beach and is here with a few 

"Well," the manager began, "I don't know the young lady, 
but I do have three guests from Daytona Beach staying 
here.  Let me get the guest register."  He turned and 
reached under the counter, grabbed a large, thick book 

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