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Spirit of Friendship 13/16 by multipleSpirit of Friendship (13/16)

Spirit of Friendship (13/16)
Jason Cleaver (argo@easynet.co.uk)
Barbara Nice-Miller (SpookyJedi@aol.com

Disclaimed in Chapter 1

The journey to the mine was quiet. Karen was seemingly
focused on Lili to the exclusion of all else, Scully was 
staring out her window, watching the darkness rush
by and Lili just sat where she was, smiling. Mulder for his 
part was worried. The mine was only a few minutes away 
now and he still had no idea of what was going to happen 

A million thoughts tried to push to the forefront of his brain
as he drove.

What was going to happen at the mine?
What kind of ceremony would take place?
What would be asked of him, if anything?

But the one that consumed him was:
What would happen to Scully when this was all over?

This was the moment of truth, the point of no return.  In

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