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Suffer the Children 17/18 by Rhondda LakeNEW:(17/18)Suffer the Children

Disclaimed in part 1

Warning: *R* for Violence, language and situations.

Dogged Determination IV: Suffer the Children
by Rhondda Lake
(part 17/18)

Everyone was blinded for a few precious seconds. Ari, however, was

She took aim, only to face Ace, now holding Agent Scully between them. 

Agent Scully looked half conscious and pasty. Her left arm was curled
against her body while her other hand clawed weakly at Ace's leather clad

"Scully!" Mulder's cry was more in the line of a moan of pain. He was
She was not. She was also blocking HIS shot.

"Put the guns down or I snap her neck right now. You know I'm not
Ace tightened his arm and Scully made a choking sound.

Ari threw her gun to the floor. "You want to play, Ace. Just you and me.

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