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Our Love is Forever 2/? by Amy LynnNEW: Our Love is Forever (2/?) by Amy Lynn

SUMMARY: X-Files/Silk Stalkings Crossover.  Four months after Scully's
and Mulder's still beating himself up.  

DISCLAIMER: Mulder, Scully and all other X-F characters belong to CC,
1013, &
Fox.  Chris, Rita, and all other Silk characters belong to USA Networks

WARNING: MSR, I'm not sure I could write anything but.  Mulder angst.

RATED: This part...R, I guess.  Naughty words.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Here's part two, as promised.  I don't think it's as good
the first part, but it serves it's purpose.  Hope you like it.  All
(and I guess flames too) are welcome and appreciated.  You can send them
me at AgentSamX@aol.com.   And now, on to the story, which is for my best
friend for all her encouragement and support.

                                         Our Love is Forever (2/?)
					                 by Amy Lynn

	'What the Hell happened?'  The thought sounded in his brain for

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